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What is Quranbit? How does it work?

Quranbit is a platform for students to learn Quranic recitation bit by bit via Whatsapp/Telegram. Each day, your Asatizah will send you a task of some verses for you to recite. Send a voice note of your recitation. Your asatizah will reply with feedback about your recitation within 24 hours.

Is there a specific timing for me to learn?

There is no specific timing for learning. You can send your asatizah your recording whenever it is most convenient for you and he/she will respond to you within 24 hours.

I have no prior knowledge of the Quran. Can I still learn?

Of course you can, InshaAllah!  Our asatizah will guide you bit by bit according to your ability. We provide basic Tajwid videos to guide you from the beginning until you are ready to recite the Quran fluently. Register now!

I already know how to recite the Quran, will I still benefit from Quranbit?

Yes, InshaAllah! Our asatizah will guide you through our curriculum to ensure that you improve bit by bit, starting from basics (Makhraj & Mad Asli) to more advanced Tajwid. By reciting everyday, you will become fluent and gain confidence in recitation, as well as able to correct mistakes that you may make during recitation. Register now!

What is the commitment level like for Quranbit lessons?

Quranbit classes are held for 1 min per day, 6 days a week (1 day off per week). If you miss a day, just come back the next day. You are free to withdraw from the program at anytime. Please inform your asatizah or the Quranbit Admin if you wish to withdraw discontinue.

What is the age limit for Quranbit?

Anyone can learn with Quranbit! Our students are aged 4 - 89 years old.

Can I request for a teacher of the same gender?

You will be paired with a teacher of the same gender (Ustaz for male students and Ustazah for female students).

When can I start?

The Quranbit admin will contact you within 24 hours after your application. You will be allocated an asatizah within 2-3 days and can begin immediately once you receive the message.

I’ve learnt the Qur’an under a teacher before. Can I begin with the Tilawahbit level?

No. All new students will have to complete the Quranbit syllabus (9 modules) before beginning their Tilawahbit lessons. Your asatizah will evaluate your ability through the Quranbit tasks. If you are found to have sufficient fluency and understanding of tajwid rulings, you may be promoted to Tilawahbit.

How long will it take to complete the whole programme?

Every Quranbit student’s journey is different depending on their individual abilities and needs. Someone with zero prior knowledge may start reciting the Quran within 6 months. The condition for this is consistency in learning, openness to listen to feedback, and determination to improve oneself. For those who are already able to recite, the Quranbit curriculum can be completed within 3 months if done consistently.

How will you be protecting our personal information. i.e. mobile number?

Only the name registered will be known to your Asatizah. Our Asatizah and admin staff have the agreement to only contact you regarding Quranbit matters onlye. Refer to Masjid Wak Tanjong's PDPA policy here.

I want to register for my child, can I use the same phone number again?

Yes! Just register again. Both you and your child will learn from the same asatizah using the same phone number. Your asatizah will send 2 new tasks each day, one for you and the other for your child.

I would like to withdraw from Quranbit.

Inform our admin or your asatizah if you wish to discontinue.

I did not see my question here. Who can I ask?

Please send your questions to the Quranbit student admin.

What is the fee for Quranbit? 

Quranbit is a service provided free-of-charge to all students. There is no payment to be made. However, we do welcome contributions from students. If you would like to contribute, click 'Donate' above.

If I want to contribute to Quranbit, how do I do so?

You can contribute by clicking on 'Donate' above.

Are your Quranbit asatizah paid?

Yes, our Quranbit asatizah are paid a monthly salary as a token of appreciation for their hard work. They are not teaching as volunteers.

I want to set-up Giro or recurring payment for donation.

Click here and scroll to the relevant section for more details.

How much are the Tilawahbit monthly fees?

The fee is $60/month. Sponsorship is available for students who want to continue learning but require financial support. Please contact the Quranbit admin for more details.

May I know where the funds contributed are channeled to?

100% of the funds are used to pay our Quranbit asatizah salary and to sustain the work of Quranbit in keeping Quranic education free. We do not make any profit.