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You will interact directly with your asatizah without the need to disclose your identity.

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Quranbit is solely

via Whatsapp

After enrolling, you will interact with your assigned asatizah directly via WhatsApp text, and practice your recitation using its voice recording feature.

As we understand that some of you might be shy, you are not required to do video or live calls, nor do you need to reveal your identity.

P.S. ALL of our asatizah are recognised by MUIS through the Asatizah Recognition Scheme (ARS).

Start your Quranbit journey today by enrolling in one of our learning tracks below.

IQRA': Learn to Read

From alphabet familiarisation to basic Tajweed knowledge

QURAN: Improve Recitation

Refining your recitation by reading verses from the Quran



A collaboration between Darul Tafsir Singapore @Al-Khair Mosque and Quranbit @Wak Tanjong Mosque, Tafsirbit was recently launched to facilitate the understanding and internalisation of the meanings of the Quran through simple 2-minute bite-sized videos sent right into the students WhatsApp.

"Quranbit has helped me with improving my recitation with the daily feedback. I was able to refer to the verses to recite them easily directly from Whatsapp itself."



We Envision a Community of Quran Reciters

This is an initiative by Masjid Wak Tanjong.

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